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Meg's Random Musings

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I'm a senior music/psychology major with a minor in gerontology, rounding the corner to actually seeing diplomas! Wow! You know you've been at a school too long when they change the name on you... hahaha.

I'm pretty much excited about being in lotsa weddings this year and thrilled that my bestest friends have found the loves of their lives! Nov. 18 and March 24 are definitely marked as the most important days of this upcoming school year!

I'm making plans for the future.. finally. I'm GRADUATING in May (yay!!) and making plans for pre-med pre-reqs at Carey next year, as well as some master's level psych classes. I kicked the GRE in the butt and pray to do the same on the MCAT in April!

Occasionally, in my spare time (which I no longer have much of!), I like to make useless little livejournal icons, run the show (anyone's show!), and spend time with friends and family.
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