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06:43pm 27/09/2008
  So I haven't posted in almost a year. That's sad...

As of right now, I'm waiting to hear back from several med schools to decide where I'll be going next year. I'm definitely a lot closer to my goal than I was at the time of the last post. I've had interviews at two schools already and have a few more set up.

Life is good. Very good. And I can't wait to see what happens next.

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05:19pm 18/11/2007
mood: excited
I have an interview at UMSOM (University of Mississippi Medical Center) for the Tuesday after Thanksgiving :)

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05:36pm 23/09/2007
  School is going great... just super busy. Waiting on interviews (hopefully). If not this year, there's always next. I just can't wait to be a doctor...  

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02:50pm 23/06/2007

Yesterday turned out awesome... I GOT MY FIRST SECONDARY!!!!! I'm sooo excited. It's from UMC. (un)fortunately, they looked at all my coursework and told me there are two additional classes that I need... not a big deal right now, thank God, since i have plenty of time to take them, but could have been a HUGE deal if I wouldn't have applied early.

animorphs09_franken_stein-vi th_youthought

Thank you, Lord, for telling me to follow You even when others don't believe I'm doing things the right way or in the right timing. My timing is Your timing. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers, verified primaries, and SECONDARIES!!!!

z78386513 main_titles_twilight34

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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Just a hello   
06:34pm 11/06/2007

Been too long since I've posted, so thought i'd say hello.... Waay too much has happened to go over every detail, but we'll get the highlights

  • I graduated from college on May 12
  • I got my MCAT scores on May 16th, and wasn't devastated (but probably wasn't getting in with these either) - signed up for a retake
  • Took a week vacation to the coast and away from work
  • Back to work
  • Started A&P II, LOVE it
  • Started Inorg II, LOVE it
  • Decided that being single is one of the best things to happen to me these days, and
  • Determined to hold my own in the med school application process




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10:32pm 10/05/2007
  I'll be a college grad in about 39 hours. That's amazing.  

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i'm an early bird??   
01:23pm 02/05/2007
mood: amused
cause i haven't done this in forever..
1. Does someone have a crush on you?: Es posible ;)
2. Last thing you ate?: PB & J
3. Do you have A.D.D.?: I didn't as a kid, but I think I do the older I get..
4. Who was the last person you messaged over MySpace?: Don't Myspace IM
5. I cant wait until...: Med school
6. What color shirt are you wearing?: BLack
7. Who was your last text message on your cell from?: Mama
8. Are you paranoid?: Not at the moment
9. Favorite place to go on weekends?: My couch for movies :)
10. Do you like the person you are becoming?: Yes, I believe so
11. Are you tired?: Exhausted.. finals will do that to ya..
12. Are your friends all changing?: Yes... graduation is approaching quickly
13. Is there an iPod near you?: No
14. Are your parents strict?: Not really applicable now that i'm out of the house
15. What's the last movie you saw?: Brokeback Mountain
16. Are you a friendly person?: For the most part
17. Are you a good driver?: Yes
18. Do you like anyone right now?: I think so.. :)
19. Do you have any Tattoos?: No
20. Ever liked someone who treated you like crap? Yes
21. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone?: Alone.
22. Do you consider yourself creative?: No
23. What are you listening to right now?: People blab in the office
24. Done anything you regret so far this week?: No
25. The highlight of your week?: The final choir concert and turning in the dress!
26. Have you changed much this year?: Most def
27. Do you dress for style or comfort?: Both
28. Name someone with the same birthday as you: i dunno
29. Are you shy around the opposite gender?: Sometimes
30. Ever liked someone that you didnt think you stood a chance with?: Yes
31. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life?: All, except one
32. Do you want to change your name?: I'd like the "Dr." before it ;)
33. When was the last time you saw your father?: Last night
34. Are you single?: Yes
35. Have you ever talked about someone behind their back?: Yeah
36. Is there advertisement on the side of this page?: No
37. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?: Amanda
38. Do you ever click on "Pop Ups" or Banners?: No
39. How Many Drugs Have You Done In The Past Three Days? Zero
40. Small thing in life that pisses you off?: Non-committed people
41. How is your hair currently styled?: In a halfbun half ponytail
42. Do you have anger management problems?: What anger?
43. On a date, who should pay?: Whoever asked
44. What's today's date?: May 2nd.
45. How many people are on your contact list of your cell?: 70 or so
46. Would you ever date anyone on your friends list? too lazy to see who my friends are on the list.. haha
47. Do you ever check your phone waiting for someone to call?: No
48. Do you get claustrophobic?: Sometimes
49. Have you been out of the USA?: Yes
50. What do you look for in a guy/girl?: Trust, friendship, commitment, love..
51. Whats the fastest you have gone in a car?: 94
52. How many hearts of have you broken?: one that i know of..
53. Who was the last person you couldn't take your eyes off of?: no comment
54. Have you ever been rejected by a crush?: Yes
55. Have you ever said "I Love you" and not meant it?: No
56. What is your last thought before you go to bed?: Something about the day to come or day that just ended.
57. Do you play any instruments?: Yes
58. What's the meanest thing you've ever done to someone?: Probably ignored them
59. Have you ever been on a diet?: Yes
60. How much alcohol did you have this week?: Nada
61. Who is number 1 on your top 8?: Sarah
62. What cell phone service do you have?: CellSouth
63. When you shut off your alarm clock, do you tend to fall back asleep?: Sometimes
64. What is your screen name?: no comment
65. Who was the last person you talked to?: Amanda
66. How was this weekend?: Fab.
67. Do you like the beach?: Love it.
68. When was your last doctor's visit?: Feb
69. Are you psychic?: No
70. Do you wish to have the same best friends when you're older?: Yes
71. What's your worst personality flaw?: I crave stability.. not much for change
72. You + alcohol = Oil and Water
73. Ever won a spelling bee?: Yes
74. Can you change the oil on a car?: No
75. What did you dream last night?: A disastrously low MCAT score.. :(:(


Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Night Owl:
[ ] You love to party.
[ ] You stay up until one or two in the morning or even later on a nightly basis.
[ ] Mornings are lame.
[ ] You love to sleep in.
[ ] You could stay out all night long without feeling tired.
[ ] You consider 10:00 to be early.
[ ] You hate to come home early.
[ ] It's a very rare occasion that you are awake early enough to eat breakfast.
[ ] You're always the last one awake at slumber parties.
[ ] You don't/wouldn't mind working the night shift at your job.
[ ] You are energized at all hours of the day.
[ ] You're not afraid of the dark. In fact, you like it.
[ ] You always go/went past your bedtime.
[ ] There's nothing better than looking at the stars.
[ ] You'd sleep all day if you could.
total: Six

Early Bird:
[ ] You don't mind waking up early for school
[ ] You hate to wake up past 9:00
[ ] If you do, you feel like you've wasted your whole day
[ ] You hate to stay out late
[ ] You sometimes get tired during the day, and take a nap
[ ] You like to get things done during the day
[ ] You always go to bed at your bedtime
[ ] You are awake early enough to make yourself a good breakfast
[ ] People have said you are too cheerful in the mornings
[ ] As a child, you enjoyed Saturday morning cartoons
[ ] It's not hard for you to wake up. You can just get right out of bed
[ ] Sunrises are better than sunsets
[ ] You hate to "waste" a day
[ ] You feel the need to get everything done on time
[ ] By the end of the day, you don't have the energy to stay up late
total: Eight

I am a(n): Early Bird
[made by SUPxsurveys. do not remove]


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05:39pm 09/03/2007
  Almost three weeks and the broken heart is starting to mend.

It's spring break, baby.... Study Time!! (MCAT here we come!!)

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06:12pm 17/01/2007
  And suddenly, my world is upside down and perfect.

He is the best thing that ever happened to me.


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01:36am 16/01/2007
  as the weekend comes to a close..
As the weekend closes, a new chapter in my life is beginning.

I'm officially a pre-med...

And i'm officially....absolutely positive that God is working miracles for me right now! If you want details, sorry, but "Are you writing a book?" will be my answer...


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10:32am 06/01/2007
  I found a dress for my senior recital... I love it!!

I'm all alone in the apt this weekend and it has me itching for my own place. Only 4 months til I can call a home my own.

What a fun weekend.. filled with hwk.. hahaha. Hope everyone else is enjoying theirs! (And yes, I'm taking a break to spend some time with my best friend in between so it won't be THAT bad..)

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11:36am 27/12/2006
  AAMC and God are teaching me a lesson in patience.

Just let me register already!!!

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07:52pm 18/11/2006
  Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson...
My best friend became Mrs. Matthew Robinson today... the wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It was the PERFECT day for a wedding, she looked radiant, and they are headed to Mexico for 6 days.

As for me, I'm wore out and headed home to Ocean Springs in the morning for a few well needed days of rest and relaxation. Love to you all, and for those of you who were there thanks so much for coming and supporting Sarah & Matt as well as us.


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Detox weekend..   
05:42pm 07/10/2006
  What a fabulous weekend.. sooo quiet and I needed it.

Ninth week Monday. Wow. Hard to believe. Paper deadlines are at my doorstep.

Thinking about doing some shadowing during tri break. It'd be a good time to get started. :)

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11:35am 03/10/2006
  It's eighth week. I'm burned out. Terrible senioritis.

Two more weeks of these crappy freshmen classes (Freshman, hang in there - the rest of the world really isn't like this).

I don't understand why I have to take this class - it has no relevance to the real world.

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Question for MGCCC students..   
03:39pm 01/10/2006
  When will spring schedules for MGCCC come out??  

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09:33am 29/09/2006
mood: happy
I love Fridays!!!

-Only ten more times to sit through history.
-It's the weekend, duh!
-A quiet evening alone with House, M.D.
-History paper deadline pushed back

Yay... good day. One more test (Spanish Vocab) then I'm home free... home home tomorrow, but peace and quiet aloneness tonight (all tha roomies are home or CSCing). Let's get this weekend started!!

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07:25am 25/09/2006
  I studied for History from 1-11:00pm yesterday, minus the hour at the museum (but including all the car time as amanda drilled it in my head)

I studied for an hour this morning.

I still feel like i'm going to fail.

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Thank you...   
02:57pm 21/09/2006
  Thank you...

This man changed my life in ways many of you may never know.. and on this day, and always, I thank God for his influence. May Dr. Kennedy always be remembered as a man of God, a man of his word, and a man willing to lend a hand - one who cared about others even when facing extreme struggles of his own.

God bless the Kennedy family in this difficult time - Show Your grace and Your mercy, watch over them with Your mighty hand as we grieve the loss of our leader.

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Graduation Stress & The Tri from Hell...   
11:19am 15/09/2006
  So next trimester I have to take Experimental Psych (4 hr), Internship in Psych (3 credit hours, 90 hours on site), Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama/Lit (3 hrs), Spanish 102 (3 hrs), Choir (.7), Voice (1), Recital (0), and Chapel (0).

3 400 Level classes. I guess that is what I get for being a SENIOR huh.. hahahaha. I'm convincing myself it wont be too bad, and i'm going to get started on some of the leg work this trimester (while I have the chance and an easy schedule).

In the spring, I'll have a P.E. (1), Composition (2), Spanish 201-202 (6), Case Management (3), Choir (.7).

And on my blessed computer, from January til May, I'm going to take Trig through MGCCC Virtual Community College. (for pre-med pre-req).

I will graduate from WCU in May, and become a non-degree seeking floater in June, for a whole year as a fight through Bio, Chem, BioChem, and Physics. Wow.

Life's coming full circle. It's crazy scary but SOOO exciting.

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